Dan Richard Beto Award

This discretionary award, presented for the first time in 2005, is presented by the President of the Association in recognition of distinguished and sustained service to the probation profession. It is named after Dan Richard Beto, who served the Association as Secretary, Vice President, President, and Executive Director. Recipients of this award include:

Year Recipient State
2017 Michael Nail Georgia
2016 Carl Wicklund Kentucky
2015 Carmen Rodriguez Illinois
2014 Christopher T. Lowenkamp Ohio
2013 H. Ted Rubin Colorado
2012 William D. Burrell New Jersey
2011 Barabara Broderick Arizona
2010 Robert J Malvestuto Pennsylvania
2009 Thomas N. Costa Pennsylvania
2008 George M. Keiser Maryland
2007 Ronald P. Corbett, Jr. Massachusetts
2006 Christie Davidson Texas
2005 Dan Richard Beto Texas