Arthur Neu Award

This award is presented jointly by the National Association of Probation Executives and the Community Improvement Association of Iowa. It is given in honor of Arthur Neu, former Lieutenant Governor of Iowa, who was active in the areas of education and corrections. This award, first presented in 2002, has been given to the following individuals who have influenced public policy:

Year Recipient State
2012 Discontinued N/A
2011 Not Given N/A
2010 Not Given N/A
2009 Not Given N/A
2008 Andrew J. Spano New York
2007 Don Stapley Arizona
2007 Robert E. Dvorsky Iowa
2006 Oscar M. Babauta Northern Mariana Islands
2005 Bradley Smith Texas
2004 Lana McDaniel Texas
2003 Jane Magnus-Stinson Indiana
2002 Arthur Neu Iowa