Past Presidents

Since its creation in 1981, the National Association of Probation Executives has been blessed with a number of visionary probation leaders who have served as President. The following individuals have served as the organization's Presidents:

Year President State
2012-2014 Robert L. Bingham Indiana
2010-2012 Ellen F. Brokofsky Nebraska
2008-2010 John Tuttle Pennsylvania
2006-2008 Rocco A. Pozzi New York
2004-2006 Cherlyn K. Townsend Nevada
2002-2004 Ronald R. Goethals Texas
2000-2002 Dan Richard Beto Texas
1998-2000 Robert L. Bingham Indiana
1996-1998 David Savage Washington
1994-1996 Ronald P. Corbett, Jr. Massachusetts
1992-1994 Gerald Buck California
1990-1992 Donald Cochran Massachusetts
1988-1990 Donald Cochran Massachusetts
1986-1988 Henry C. Duffie Arizona
1984-1986 Don R. Stiles Texas
1982-1984 Richard E. Longfellow Georgia